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Feb 14, 2016
I'm retired. Lived on a 40' ketch for the last six years with my chocolate Lab, Sailor. Recently came over to the dark side and have moved onto a 1987 Mainship 36 Fly Bridge. Think it's called a Sedan. Master's cabin, guest berthing and head two steps down, forward,... huge salon, sliding glass door to cockpit, single helm on bridge, lots of seating up there. "Surreality", has a pair of 270 Crusaders. Pretty much like new inside and out with white (great with a chocolate Lab) carpeting and a light oak interior, top shelf fittings, fixtures and appliances. I must say that it's lots different from living on a blue water sailboat. I felt a twinge of guilt when a friend asked me how I like it and I replied that it's as though I had died and gone to heaven. Guiltier still, last week when we spent a couple of nights on the sailboat, which although beautiful, needs much work and has become more than I can, or want to do at my age. A six and a half foot draft and fifty foot tall masts are good for crossing oceans, but I'm looking more now at being able to go about anywhere, up a bayou, put a line around a tree, toss an anchor off the stern, put my crab pot in the water, bait a hook and call it home for a few days. Full time cruising, rather than dockside marina living.
So, here I are, on a power cruiser, with lots to learn. I'll try and post pic's when I figure out how.
Welcome to the Dark Side! May the force be with you.
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