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Aug 25, 2018
Hello everyone,

I am new to boating and am interested in buying a trawler for a live aboard as well as cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean. I figured this is a good place to do some research and figure out what exactly I want. If you have any advice on where I can read up and gain some knowledge please let me know! I'm about to start a year long Marine Technology program to become a marine mechanic, so I plan on gaining the experience necessary to do most of the engine maintenance and repairs myself.

Thank you!
Okay another Floridian, We are taking over :dance:
Welcome aboard.

You might start your education by attending a Trawler Fest. Climb on board as many boats as possible and attend the lectures. Then maybe charter a mid size trawler with a captain if necessary. Southwest Florida Yachts has a good selection.

New Floridian member

We are new to the site and are currently looking to purchase a 38' Carlifornian to live on part-time (Fri-Sunday) until we retire. Do not have access to a bigger slip right now. Then we hope to trade up to a bigger boat.

Where is this Trawler Fest you speak of? That would be fantastic.
Welcome Nora. Had a friend that lived on a Californian 38 for about 25 years. Worked very well for them until a hurricane took the boat.
Hello Comodave:

Thank you for the info. Nice to know we aren't that crazy for trying to live on 38'. Just out of curiosity, was it a hurricane in Florida?

Where is this Trawler Fest you speak of? That would be fantastic.

TrawlerFest is a series of boat shows- used and new as well as seminars on cruising topics sponsored by Passagemaker Magazine. The next one is in September in Baltimore- https://www.passagemaker.com/trawlerfest

That might be an interesting one to go to as it coincides with the annual cruiser migration south in late September and many will be coming through that area then. You will get to meet some real full time cruisers there.

The Annapolis power boat show in mid October is another similar event with all kinds of power boats, not just trawlers. This one is big and busy whereas TrawlerFest is more laid back, ie fits the cruiser lifestyle.

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