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Sep 30, 2014
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1981 Hardin Sedan 42
I have left the world of blow boaters and moved to the "dark side" after 23 years. I now have a new to me 1981 harden sedan trawler 42. She is a single screw with bow thruster, a John Deere 125 turbo.
There evidently are 7 of these out there, a little on the rare side I guess. So no place to call home but the general group.
Will have lots of questions.
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Welcome Ed. I just moved from sail to power myself. Lots of us here.
Welcome to TF. This is a good place to kick back with a cold one and browse the posts. Learn to use the search function because the question you're about to ask has already been asked a dozen times. But don't let that stop you from asking if you don't find the answer.
Welcome to the forum! Post a few pictures of your boat. Always fun to look at boats you haven't seen before.

Welcome aboard and congrats on the new purchase.
Also made the switch from sail earlier this year.
Welcome to the forum! Post a few pictures of your boat. Always fun to look at boats you haven't seen before.


Like he said. If you have trouble posting the pics, look up the general intro sticky or shout out for help

NB. If posting pics from on your computer, use the advanced posting function and go down to manage attachments. If from a site off the computer like dropbox or Flickr, use the 'Insert image' icon at top of any posting screen.
(The yellow square with the mountain top in it.) :flowers:
Picture of Caroline

trying to add picture


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Very nice! Looks to have wide side decks.

Welcome aboard TF and congrats on a fine looking boat.
Looking forward to learning more.
Welcome to TF . Goodlooking boat .
That is one cool looking boat. A boat after my own heart, (and Eric Nomad Willie's as well, I'm sure), as it is the sedan/Europa style, and has no wasted space with a Flybridge it appears, although it looks like it might have a secondary helm with a bimini option, or is that an exhaust stack there behind the radar..? Anyway, plenty of room for solar panels etc. And that's coming from someone who has a flybridge, but would happily do without. That boat of yours looks, well, sleek is the word I think..?
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Yes that is a fly bridge with a Bimini cover too. No seats up there, just an open deck. I wish the cabin was a little more forward for visibility, but the price was exceptional! So I now have a trawler!
Am also thinking the radar needs to move. Can not be on the fly bridge when it's on.
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