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Oct 28, 2021
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Endeavor Powercat 44
Greetings from Pax River MD (currently)! John and Kerri Charlton on board Rival, Endeavor Powercat 44. We moved on board in June and I am tryin to soak up knowledge every day.
Welcome aboard! I am new here myself and am absorbing information here as fast as I can. :)
Welcome to the forum!

Was just below you in St. Mary's river, city, college about 12 days ago. The Chesapeake is a wonderful cruising area.

Welcome, fortunately there are some great anchorages off of the Patuxent, we are in for a stormy night and day to follow.
Welcome! Yikes, I just left PAX in the spring, I was there living on my Trojan for two years, seven months, and six days……now I’m back home in FL.
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