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May 21, 2020
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Elling E4
Hello Everyone,
My husband and I have been living in Amsterdam the last couple of years and decided to buy a boat while over here, so we recently purchased an Elling E4 and are truly enjoying it! We are looking forward to cruising around Europe before heading back to the PNW later this year. Also looking forward to being part of the trawler forum community!
Welcome, and post more pics of that beauty!

Welcome aboard. Yes we would like to see photos and get the specs on your boat.
Indeed, welcome to TF. I have always liked the look of those Ellings. Post pics as soon as possible please. :flowers:
Welkom aan boord. Hollander al 38 jaar in USA. Waar light de boot in NL?

Or are you not a Dutch speaker yet? Tough language to learn. There are a lot of expats from the US in Holland, and over the years I've met only two that became fluent.
We lived six years in the NL during the 90's, loved it once we adapted to the weather. Enjoy your time there, its a wonderful base in Europe. We miss the 'village life' of the town we lived in (Wassenaar near the Hauge). Everything was walking distance. The boat show in Amsterdam was terrific, lots more variety than the US shows where all the boats look the same.
Thanks for the warm welcome and some pics

Hello Everyone,
Happy to be part of the forum. We were lucky to be able to visit the Elling Yard while our boat was being built, so here are some construction pics. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the Elling team! Athena is now in Hoorn (historic Dutch village of which Cape Horn is named after) and we are looking forward to exploring the Ijselmeer and beyond over the summer.

PS We have not learned to speak Dutch :(





Bow and cows.jpeg
Impressive! Thanks for sharing. I don't want to be greedy, but pics of the engine room and living spaces in their finished state would be appreciated. And what anchor did you decide was good enough for her?

Athena specs

Here are some specs:
Cummins QSB 6.7 550 Hp. Standard E4 comes with Volvo Penta D6, but we decided on the Cummins for the larger displacement. With the Cummins the LWL was extended by about a foot. We are really happy with this decision, displacement speed is 8.3 knots and can get in on plane around 13 knots. WOT is about 19 knots. We do not need trim tabs which is nice.

We outfitted with an Aquadrive for the prop shaft. The boat is super smooth and quiet, as Elling also does a really nice job sound proofing the engine room.

We also have a Volvo D1 sail drive with independent fuel system as a wing engine, which will push us at about 5 knots.

We have MasterVolt 10kW Lithium ion batteries which we can pretty much run everything off of except the stove. We have a small 5 kW Northern Lights Generator to use as needed.

We upsized the Anchor with an Ultra Marine UA 35 which is 77 pounds on 300 ft of 10 MM all chain rode. Included a pic of that as well.

I will post some pictures of the engine room, the E4 does not have an engine room per se, but has removable panels on all sides for excellent access of all parts of the engine - kinda like a sail boat. I was not sure how I was going to like this set up, but I no trouble reaching everything I need. Interior pics to follow once I clean up the cabin :)


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Thank you! I was on a boat here in the US with a similar engine layout, but I can't remember what it was. It might have been a sailboat.

Beautiful boat!

Thats a really interesting concept on the engine placement. just try to imagine the amount of basically 'wasted" space in a traditional walk around engine room.

Beautiful boat. Welcome Aboard,


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