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Oct 10, 2007
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Hakuna Matata
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DeFever Pilothouse 49
Thanks* to all of you who regularly post.* I have learned so much from this forum and enjoy the differing positions presented for discussion.

I have been going through the bins of "things" aboard the new to me boat.* I came across a spare heat exchanger for the Lehman 120s.* By appearance, it is obviously used, but it looks like it is in good condition.* Is there any way to test it to make sure that it is still sound before I return it to the boat as a viable spare part?

Thanks for your help.

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If you know how to do it you can pressure test it. Or you can take it to a radiator shop and they can do it for you for a small fee. Chuck
Yes - definitely get tested and keep if ok. I am up for that exact part plus the oil coolers, and the heat exchanger alone here in Oz is quoted at $A1700, and $300 each for the oil coolers.
Old Stone,

Thanks for the comments. She is now named Hakuna Matata. We had a fun time with the renaming ceremony, and hopefully appeased the gods ensuring safe travels.

Peter B,

I am not sure of the excahge rate, but got a recent quote for the heat exchanger at about $700 USD. I am sure shipping from the U.S. would be expensive, it is a heavy part..
It sounds like the radiator shop is the answer.

Thanks all.

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Peter at that rate , with the exchange rate being 1:1 or better it would possibly be a lot cheaper to buy USA and ship out.
No tax being under $1000.00
Would well be worth a look.
Could save your self a few hundred bucks at least.

I might look into that Benn, but I doubt it. My mechanic has managed to get a better job lot deal, that is $1k less than they quoted me.
Yeah that sounds good.
The other option would have been to contact Dicon Engineering in Brisbane .

They have coolers etc for all types of engines and they do a lot of marinising themselves.
Keep them in mind for all types of stuff, engine mounts etc. and they have been around for donks.
Check their web site.


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