Haul Out, Rio Dulce

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Nov 25, 2010
Belize, Central America
Vessel Name
Irish Miss
Vessel Make
36' Marine Trader, D C
After two weeks, got primer on the bottom today. YIPPEEE. Rain,Rain,Rain, Christmas, New year all got in the way.* Sand blasted the bottom, 32 years of bottom paint, down to th original gel coat and then some. About 30 blisters, the biggist on the keel. They ground for three days and after that used a mixture fiberglass resin and cavacil and fared the bottom out,while this was happeng we were preping the hull for new paint. She will be a pretty girl in all her make up and I will only have to paint her bottom ocaisnally for the next20 years. They comepletely faired the bottom with sheet rock knives with a mixture of gel coat and filler and then sanded in to 80 grit. I did not bring the proper cord with me to down load pictures of the work, but when I get back to Belize Ill post the proggesion in photos if any body cares to see them. Stll waiting for our friends coming from Panama. Cheers ,BB
I just went through all that too this year. Lots of work but now it looks well worth it.






OK, Back in the water,she is brand new again. Added a large green stripe(boot stripe?) looks great.Painted up to the toe rail and added underwater lights. Removed the old transducers and filled all. Went thru all thru hulls,repaired the old swim platform and replaced it. Replaced teak rub rail where needed ,sanded the rest . New graphics on the stern,green on gold lettering(Irish Miss) caye caulker,Belize. Total cost to date --$6,485.00 Also got a new RIB ,10'with a 15hp yamaha ,that was another $6000.00. Probably hed back to Belize on Monday. Havent been home in about 40 days. CHEERS,BB
Yo Bill - Saw her on the hard before we left. She was looking great. Wish I was there to help take her 'home'. Be safe and have fun.
Elwin - you have trim tabs? So do I, on my 43' Marine Trader. Do use them often? Are they effective? I have never used them on my boat (not even sure they work actually...)
Hi Phillip,

Yes, I use them only when I have a list due to extra people hanging out off center or if I am in rough waters. They do make a difference with the performance when used at the right times. If my 85yr old father-in-law is looking out over the wake he'll soon tell ya just how well the boat is running. He reads the water better than most..


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