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Mar 11, 2008
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Hi there!
Can anyone tell me who can I write to that sells Hamilton Jet drive units second hand. I sent a few e-mails and they keep on refering me to my local agent in Sydney. The prices here are way over the top and I am sure I can do better buying there and paying transport myself.
I am after a HJ 213 or HJ 241 unit in good nick or reconditioned.

Thank you

**** www.hamiltonjet.com***** 1111 NW Ballard Way, Seattle Washington.* 98107
Phone: 1 206 784 8400** or** 1 800 423 3509*** I don't know about the used part but they are the Hamilton people here and may be willing to share info.

Eric Henning
Hi Eric and thank you for your reply.

I live in Sydney, most of you guys live in the US. As far as boats and boat accessories, the prices in the US are about 1/3 of what we must pay here. All I get if I contact Hamilton is a referral to my local Hamilton representative. I know the prices here and I think they are a bit rich to put it mildly.

I was hoping someone knows a reputable workshop who repairs Jet drives in order to buy a good second hand unit from them. Transport is no problem since I bring the occasional container via LAX port and it can go in one of my containers for very little additional cost.

The reason I am after a HJ unit is that I recently bought a property on the MacDonald River, North of Sydney. To get to my house at low tide I have to negotiate a few sand banks and a Jet unit would be ideal. I have in mind to re power a 26" cruiser, get the Volvo or Mercrusier leg the flick and install a HJ 241 in stead. No more waiting for the tide to change.

There must be a Jet power specialist in California, I just can not find it via the Internet.

Marc Guttenberg

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Get on the net and contact Marine Diesel Traders in Brisbane.
Sonny is the boss and deals in all sorts of marine related engines , gearboxes, legs and stuff all over the globe.
If there is an angle he would probably know.

hey is that your boat in your avatar. nice lookin unit.
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