Gulfstar 36 and 44

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Oct 6, 2007
I've tried several times to get 36 owners to respond to the question of what the roll characteristics are, considering the sailboat hull.* I like the economy that the hull design engenders and I like the standing head room in the engine compartment and I like some features of the later interior finish.

My son is urging me to acquire a 44 in that the accomodations match what both of us like for a price that we can afford.* I'd appreciate any comments, pro or con, about either or both boats.*

I've been boatless for a little over two years now, since Katrina, and I'm getting antsy.* I'm an old time sailor with plenty of on the water experience both on and off shore, but know little about trawlers other than the crash course I've been taking from the various books recommended on the PMM site.* I NEED your help.

I have a 43 gulfstar and we love*her . She has alittle roll but its soft not snappy .
unlike some boats i have been on .
I know this is a little late to reply to this thread, but I saw the question about Gulfstar 44's.....

We are fulltime liveaboards on our GS-44, and we find that the boat has very little "roll" as compared to other boats.* We have seen other makes of boats dance around in slips during storms while ours was fairly stationary.* I attribute this to the low center of gravity due to the 500 gallon diesel tank built low in the center of the boat extending down into the low bilge, and the fact that the 3 water tanks holding 450 gallons of water are built very low as well.* Additionally, the boat has a full keel which adds stability.
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