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Aug 2, 2015
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After Sailing
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Mainship 390
Hello All,
My Name is Peter, I live just north of Toronto.
I just joined this Forum in the hope to learn and perhaps in times to come, give back.
My wife and I have been boating all our lives, from Wind surfers, to Sailboat to Cruiser and currently we (and our dog) are on a PWC.
For several Years we have been dreaming of doing some trawling and eventually, the great Loop.
Finding the right boat is a bit challenging. Even though, I am sure, even the wrong boat will work just fine.
The perfect affordable boats are very old.
The smaller boats don’t have diesel.
I found a very nice Main ship 39 which has it all, except for an aft cabin.
This is not a deal breaker but I would rather have a nice large bed.

My ideal boat is,
About 36-40 feet long
Is under K$ 150, keeps its value
Has a single diesel around 150hp
Perhaps an aft cabin,
Is less than 15 years old
Does not have a lot of wood to maintain.

Are there any suggestions out there as to what make model boat would meet this criteria?
Sounds like you're looking for the same boat as me��. Welcome and good luck!
Disclaimer: I have a boat for sale.

It's a '79, so it's "old". It's also been regularly used and cared for. My new boat is newer and 5x the value of my boat for sale, but it hasn't been used regularly and so I can barely take it out of the slip. I have generator issues, cooling issues, A/C issues, gauge issues, and steering issues. I'll work them out in time and for probably relatively little $$$ by doing it myself. But my "old" Mainship has been loved and taken care of and I'd take it on a long trip right now, single diesel engine and all.

My point is that newer doesn't mean trouble free and older doesn't mean a basket case. There are very good deals to be had out there, but I'd suggest not writing off a boat simply based on year.

Back to shameless plugging:

My ideal boat is,
About 36-40 feet long - 34 feet
Is under K$ 150, keeps its value - $33k...I need the slip space
Has a single diesel around 150hp - single 160hp perkins
Perhaps an aft cabin, - unfortunately, no.
Is less than 15 years old - nope
Does not have a lot of wood to maintain. - Just a touch, not much.

Good luck with your search.
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