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Mar 31, 2024
Vessel Name
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Albin 40
Waymaker is an Albin 40 we bought a few years ago in FL. She was someone's grandpa's boat that no one in the family wanted. Our Lehman 130 purred all of the way home to NC and is now slowly getting pretty. New fuel tanks and some deck/core repairs are currently in process. In the meantime, I have another "flip boat" nearly ready for market, a Genesis 40 to play with. We live on the Dismal Swamp route in Elizabeth City, NC, and are real live Rose Buddies. Please come visit us! Kathy and I cruise most of each summer in the Carolinas or the Chesapeake Bay. We plan to loop next.
We'll be headed back to our home on the Chesapeake in 2 weeks (unless the boat sells first) and it's possible we'll come back via the Dismal Swamp route, depending on our schedule and the weather. Keep a lookout for another Albin 40 in Elizabeth City April 17-19!
Welcome to the forum!

I used to cruise through the Dismal Swamp each spring and fall going between Florida and the Great Lakes. Really enjoyed stopping at the welcome center and going for a walk in the wildlife preserve.

It's a very scenic canal to cruise through.


Welcome, and happy trails to you.
Jim in Edenton
Welcome. I'll be in EC tomorrow afternoon. Would welcome some Rose Buddy hospitality! Jeff
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