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Lars Kessel

Jul 29, 2016
South Africa
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First Lady
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Beneteau First 345
Good Day,

I just would like to introduce myself: My name is Lars Kessel and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. We (my wife and I) came here from Germany in 2000. Currently we own a Beneteau 35 ft sailboat and enjoy it very much. I stumbled over Trawlers by chance browsing the internet and I like them the more I dig out. I am not sure if Cape Town waters are the perfect playground for a trawler but right now I like the appeal of having a home on the water.

Cheers Lars:flowers:
Hello Lars, welcome to the forum sir. A dear friend is originally from Cape Town, married a Russian gal and lives in New York now. He has fond memories of sailing there too.

Good luck in your pursuits.
Hello, come to the dark side there is power you can't even imagine, say like Cummins or possibly a big Cat lurking inside or
You may prefer the speed of a Deere........ Lol
Lars, welcome to TF. As a member who doesn't own a trawler, let me say that the people on here have a vast amount of knowledge and don't mind if social climbers (like me) hang out with them!

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