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Going from sail to trawler - 39' Allied Ketch for sale

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Tony B

Jul 18, 2011
Cruising/Live-Aboard USA
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Mainship 36 Dual Cabin -1986
I am putting my 39' Allied Ketch up for sale today. Life would be so much simpler if I could find someone that wants to swap for a 34-38 trawler of equal value += money.

I am asking $49K which is very very reasonable for any Ketch.

I am located in Kemah, Tx.

If interested, call 281-687-9585.

-- Edited by Tony B on Tuesday 19th of July 2011 07:04:23 AM
RE: Going from sail to trawler

Good luck Tony!!! I am in League City right next to you!
RE: Going from sail to trawler

Baker wrote:
....*I am in League City right next to you!
*Thanks Baker.

We are liveaboards over in Waterford Harbor Marina. Stop by and say "Hello" some time.

We are on 6-12

RE: Going from sail to trawler

When I get tired of pushing the throttles up to go forward in the comfort of my always-level and comfortable pilot house or flybridge and would prefer to haul lines, trim sails and dodge booms while getting soaked and blown at the heeled-over helm, I'll give you a call.

(Sorry...I couldn't resist. I think I know why you want to sell, but probably won't find your target audience here.)
RE: Going from sail to trawler

Again the first question, a "trawler?

How would it work better than other choices?
RE: Going from sail to trawler

FF wrote:
...a "trawler?

How would it work better than other choices?
*We live*relatively close*to the ICW and would like to do the Great Loop withing the next year or so. We will continue to live aboard and a trawler would afford us a bigger living space with a 'not-to-scrarey' fuel consumption. As I side note, I always enjoyed rivers for the view and theer are few restrictions as far as mast height is concerned. *The*Gulf is boring, however, I just love the sensation and feeling of freedom*that sailing gives.

I have considered doing the Great Loop in my current sailboat and have*the mast removed*somewhere in NY and shipped to Chicago for reinstalling on the trip back to Tx. *
RE: Going from sail to trawler

Good reply , but no reason A "TRAWLER" style would be better than say an old hat as a cruiser.

Fuel burn will definiatly be lower with a full displacement hull and proper sized single diesel ,

tho many "trawlers" are twin screw and semi displacement which does not add up to best fuel use at low speeds.

Today "trawler" is more the style of the deck house than the vessel,

Is the trawler deck house better than the larger cockpit ,exterior room ,of say a fish killer?
RE: Going from sail to trawler

The reason we want a trawler is that you get a lot more sq. ft. per overall length than in a full displacement hull. A 34' trawler - simi-disp. hull has much more space for living and storage than my 39' sailboat. Also most if not all full displacement hulls will roll alot if you dont have a keel. That adds up to more draft. For a short time I had an old 49' shrimp boat that I lived on while fixing it up. It had a full displacement hull and would roll an awful lot with even small waves. I had to travel with the outriggers out to reduce the roll.
A full displacement hull will give great fuel efficiency. My current sailboat will give me about 5.5/Kn at 3/4 gal fuel consumption.
One of the main reasons we thought about a trawler was we just like the 'look' of the Marine Trader Aft Cabin boats. As we started looking, we became more open to the other styles.
RE: Going from sail to trawler

We went from Sea Ray Sundancer to the trawler you see here. Yes, no more 25 knots from place to place, but 7 knots and dang comfortable. Wife wants to sell the house and kids and live on the boat. I can almost spell "deesul" after a year. Still learning, but the best boat we ever had.
RE: Going from sail to trawler

Ben wrote:
Wife wants to sell the house and kids and live on the boat.
*Really?!?! What would you take for the girl that digs for lint in her bellybutton?
RE: Going from sail to trawler

Tony here is a boat for sale*in Kehma, I've met them passing through Houma.
They have cruised extensively in her, interesting folks even*if only to talk about cruising with.

Steve W
RE: Going from sail to trawler

I like that Outereef. Nice lines. Larryw
Not exactly what I was looking for, but it is a cool looking boat. If I get a chance, I will check it out.

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