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Jul 27, 2015
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Really appreciate the great forum, a firehose of useful information, thank you! I feel smarter and better prepared already.

My dad, an avid sailboat racer, bought a trawler at a fire-sale price a while back, to use as a race committee boat. Since he's not being committee boat again anytime soon or maybe ever depending on scheduling, I have been "gifted" a Marine Trader 32, in reasonable condition.

My partner & I had actually been talking about picking up a sailboat for cruising the lakes, in addition to the ever-growing collection of varying-sized sailboats surrounding the house, plus the S2 7.3 sailboat in Port Lavaca... but it looks like we'll be cruising the North Channel, Georgian Bay, Lake MI, and maybe Superior in the trawler for a while!

And if we can keep the thing going long enough, it's coming down to Texas for a liveaboard, or maybe we'll become permanent gypsy Loopers or something, who knows.

It's a big step up from our current S2, which is 24 feet and about 3500 lbs, I foresee a few comedic passages as we learn how to deal with the creature...
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