GB dash indicator panel bulbs

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Hugh M

Feb 11, 2023
Vessel Make
GB 42 Classic
Can someone help me source these very tiny lightbulbs?
The bulbs are only about 1/2 inch long and they fit inside the amber screw in covers on the indicator panel. They appear original to a 1992 Grand Banks Classic


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I sold my GB36 several years so can't vouch for the currency of this information. This is what I saved:

Radio Shack T-13/4 with E-5 base

Ward's Marine Electric (800-545-9273) Product # 373 (14V, .08A T1-3/4 Midget Screw) listed under Miniature & European Lamps

Easiest way I have found to remove the bulb is to hollow out the end of a wooden pencil eraser so it will partially fit over the end of the bulb and unscrew it from the socket.
I just placed the order on Amazon. Thanks everybody!
I have been looking for these for 6 months and have tried 4 different E5 & T 1 1/2 and none have fit... I'll try these.
One person reached out and said I should carefully file down the threads to get them to screw in....
Good luck.
I have the same indicator lights on my GB49. I purchased the E5 14volt bult from two different sources Master Carr and a mid west company. Ended up getting a CEC bulbs that was a E5 but would not screw into the receptacle. The minor diameter of the thread appeared to be larger in diameter than the old Radio Shack bulbs that I had which fit perfectly. I bought about 40 CEC 373 and all would not fit. It appeared that the machine that made the threads was worn resulting in the misfit.

I you find a source that works let us know. Thanks Dennis
I bought tiny replacement globes like those for the dash lights of my IG36, from an old long established auto electrician. They came from a cardboard display card which looked anything but fresh stock, I grabbed 6. An old established auto electric might be a good source. From memory mine just pushed in.

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