Galley sole replacement

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Bob Cofer

Aug 27, 2013
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
Willard Vega 30
The old carpet was getting pretty tired so I ripped it out and got the deck prepped. We put down a layer of sound deadening mat and made provisions for the access ports. The carpet is dry fit for now. I will be binding the edges with a SailRite machine then will re-install. Our intention is to leave it as a lay-in but we may install snaps in the future.

Galley Bare.jpg
Galley Mat.jpg
Galley 1.jpg
Very nice. I will be interested to hear if you need to add the snaps, or if it stays in place with the deadening mat.
A PO of Duet installed bound edge carpets with the sound deadening matts directly glued to the carpets When access to a hatch is needed the carpet and matt pull up as one unit. The tight fit, weight and typically irregular shapes keep everything in place without the need for snaps. The only permanently mounted carpet / pad combo is on the hinged engine room hatch.

The systems works well enough that I plan to use again when the carpets get a refresh.
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