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For Sale: Galaxy VHF Antenna Model 5309-R

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Aug 6, 2022
Shakespeare Galaxy 5309-R Marine VHF Antenna, AUD$700 ono

Galaxy® antennas have long been revered as the industry standard for both performance and quality. Following a 20-plus year tradition, Shakespeare® Galaxy® antennas ensure reliable communication through high-quality materials and master craftsmanship with each and every antenna.

Galaxy VHF Antenna Model 5309-R
- VHF Marine Band whip antenna
- 7m overall length - in two sections joined by stainless steel fittings.
- with phased 1/2-wave elements stacked in a collinear array with a choking sleeve to suppress cable radiation.
- Thick brass and copper elements provide greater range, clarity, and efficiency
- White fiberglass with high-gloss polyurethane finish prevents yellowing

- Band: VHF Marine Band
- Antenna Gain: 9dB
- Max. Input Power: 150 watts
- SWR: nominally 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz
- Bandwidth: 5 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR
- Ferrule: Stainless steel

...I also have up for sale it's twin, Galaxy SSB Antenna Model 5310-R, can offer a discount for purchase of both.

Items are located in (Manly) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and available for viewing with prior arrangement.


  • Galaxy VHF Antenna Model 5309-R.jpg
    Galaxy VHF Antenna Model 5309-R.jpg
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  • Galaxy VHF Antenna 5309-R.jpg
    Galaxy VHF Antenna 5309-R.jpg
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  • Galaxy VHF Antenna 5309-R join.jpg
    Galaxy VHF Antenna 5309-R join.jpg
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  • Shakespeare 5309-R middle joined.jpg
    Shakespeare 5309-R middle joined.jpg
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  • Galaxy VHF Antenna 5309-R tip.jpg
    Galaxy VHF Antenna 5309-R tip.jpg
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  • Galaxy 5309-R Installation Instructions.jpg
    Galaxy 5309-R Installation Instructions.jpg
    71.1 KB · Views: 30
Wish you were closer. ( I live in NJ USA) I’d love to by both!
I can ask for a few quotes for freight if you are interested. I imagine it would be $150-$200 USD at least. But I am worried that the shape of the parcel will be a problem, because it is not a regular parcel shape.
Shipping to Aus from US has increased dramatically in the last 18-24 months, so imagine the same for the other direction too…
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