Fuel Filter Gasket Challenge

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Jun 4, 2021
I am changing out the fuel filters on my two T6-354 Range 4s.

I checked a video and the mechanic just pushed the top gasket/o-ring up into the base and it stayed:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

My top o-ring/gaskets just fell out. (They were the correct (larger) o-ring/gasket of the 3 provided. The other two were the same size (slightly smaller) and one of them went in the bottom of the assembly.

Is there a TIP for getting the top gasket to stay in position while installing the new Napa 3166 filters?

Can I use petroleum jelly? Axle grease? applied to the base gasket groove???????????
That’s basically it. No grease required, just two hands. Stage the bottom half parts first. Make sure you use the new little o-rings. Put the gasket in the grove in the top housing with one hand and use the filter to hold it in the groove with the other hand. While holding the filter up, bring up the bottom half and get the bolt started by the now free first hand. Does that make sense?
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Fuel Filter Change Difficulty

Thanks for the information.

I've tried that approach. But once the filter gets within about 3/4 inch of the base, I have to remove my fingers and the top gasket immediately falls down on top of the filter.

I am wondering if I am using the correct technique to get the gasket into the gasket groove in the base. In the video, the mechanic just pushed the gasket into the base and it stayed. Mine falls out as soon as I move my fingers.
A little clean petroleum based grease on the outside of the top gasket would not hurt anything.
Fuel filter gasket installation difficulties

Thanks. I will try that.
Why change fuel filters each year???

Before the season starts, I run my set of Racor 1000's (with 2 micron filters) polishing system a few hours on each fuel tank to get any "gunk" or water out, then all fuel goes through the Racor 1000s before it gets to the on-engine filters.

I pulled the first pair of on-engine fuel filters (installed last year) and they were SPOTLESS!!! No clogging, No dis-colorization! Looked like new!!!

I don't run my engines much and have 400 gal fuel tanks, so the fuel tends to get old. However, it smells good, feels good, and has not changed in color. I do use a little stabilizer from time to time.

Do I really need to change the on-engine fuel filters each year?
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