Fuel consumption

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Jun 6, 2010
How many gallons can I expect to burn with chrysler 318 ( twin) in a 36 ft cruiser at 8-10 knots. Does anyone know about "Grenfell Design" Thanks Guys
Many years ago I had a 36' boat with twin 383s. It burned about 4 gph per engiine at 1800 RPM. On a plane (20mph) at 3400 it used about*12 gph per engine.
I was gonna say you will get about 2mpg........
Thanks..Did you ever just run 1 motor at 1800. Was it enough to run @ 8 knots with your twin screw?
No, I never did it. Gas was a whopping 60 cents per gallon so big cost items were elsewhere. I'm not a fan of one engine at a time due to*prop rotation issues on other engine. But, different strokes ---
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