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Oct 13, 2016
Vessel Name
Nautical Wheeler
Vessel Make
MS 34 Mark III
Hello to the Community. Like many, my wife and I have waved goodbye to our sailing days and are now gladly joining the trawler cruising world. Spent many years cruising the upper/mid Chesapeake and then did the ICW trek south, eventually settling in Port Charlotte, FL. We recently got a 1984 MS Mark III....and have spent the past 6 months getting up close and personal with the glories of the Perkings multi-manifold and attendant large pieces of iron. I must admit, with my head in the bilge, my thoughts have wandered back to the clean days of white sails and simple systems. But, with some ideas I have already gotten from TF posts, we have overcome and will soon be setting out.
Welcome, Nwheeler ("Nautical Wheeler," perhaps?) and congrats on your nautical transition. Keep your dreams in mind while your head's in the bilge. Pt. Charlotte is a great cruising base.
Nautical Wheeler - guilty as charged.
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