Found my new (to me) trawler!

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Sep 10, 2019
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Devil Dog
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1987 Jefferson 42 Sundeck
Hooray! After about 6 months of searching and many trips up and down the east coast I finally found the trawler for me! A 1987 Jefferson 42 sundeck currently located in Florida. Should close next week. I plan to keep her in Florida until mid-April when its a bit warmer, then bring her up to southern Maryland. Meanwhile I'll be making several 2 week auto trips down to Florida to clean, customize and do the things you need to do to make her yours. I can't give enough thanks to Bill Gladding and Tony Drivalas who did the survey for me earlier this week. Great professionals out of Jacksonville who did a very thorough examination of her over two days. Peter (Pau Hana) is working up the insurance for me and has also done an excellent job identifying a good policy for me. I also need to thank all of you TF members for the help and advice you gave me since I joined in September. It really helped me know what to look for and what questions to ask as I viewed candidate trawlers. So, I tried to post a picture and I hope it displays OK. I'll post more later.


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Congratulations!! Show some more pictures....
Congrats on the new boat. Nice when it all comes together.
Hope the prep and travels north goes well for you.
Congrats! Hope your "2 week trips" go well! All my 2 week projects seem to end up twice as complicated and three times that long!

Nice looking boat, well done.:thumb: I'm envious of you having to go to FL this time of year to get her ready! We're just in a cold snap here.
Thanks Fractal. I'm looking forward to spending some time there in the nice Florida weather while doing what I love - working on a boat. Mainly working through the punch list of important items from the surveyor report. Cold front about to hit Maryland again but nice today.
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