Formica repair

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Jan 23, 2011
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Kadey Krogen 36 Manatee #46
Wanting to fill many screw holes in white formica.* Is there a product that works well?* PO did fill some with something but the*brown outline of underlaying material is visable.

Thx, Philip
Formica is thin and cheap.

Make a template of the existing Formica , or sometimes it can simply be pealed off , and copy it.

If it stays, sand it with 60grit for some tooth and overlay a new piece.

As usual the color will not be "correct" but it will look far better than a patch job.

AS it is so thin , no one will notice the extra thickness.
FF's advice was spot on, and what I would tend to do.* If the piece is too difficult to install over, some of the laminate manufacturers off a product, I think called seam filler, that can closely match the color.* Of course it would not match a pattern if it has one.* You may have to go to a top shop or the manufacturers website to get it.
Holes are not upsetting enough to remove entire sheet or overlay. I was hoping someone made a filler that worked well.
Thx, will try it & report back. PD
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