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Apr 5, 2024
Hi all,
I have recently purchased a Finn 8 and am going to gradually restore her to her former glory. She's a bit shabby at the moment, needs quite a bit of cosmetic work but hopefully not too much serious mechanical work. First job will be removing the partially installed engine and giving it a workover before reinstalling. I'll also take out the fuel tank which can only be done while the engine is out and refurb the engine bay/bilge. That's phase one of the operation. My initial goal is to get the boat safe and reliable and then work on the cosmetic stuff as I go. Wish me luck!
Congrats on your salty-looking Finn 8, Rod, and good luck with all projects. Such a handsome boat.
Made a little progress in the last couple of weeks. Built a gin pole to lift the engine out of the boat and managed to get it out and on a stand without doing myself or the boat any damage. Now to find some bits and pieces for the engine!


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G'day mate,
Mr. R. What a great opportunity to bond with your new mistress. Admire the "gin pole" set up. Very innovative and versatile! I hauled the engine on our "northern" boat a couple of years ago to replace fuel tanks (one leaked) and it was a perfect time to clean up wiring, general accumulated filth and give the bilge a fancy coat of paint. Good on ya'.
What's the engine? Looks to be a 3 cylinder somethingorother. Maybe Perkins?
It's a Lombardini LDW 1503. 3 cylinder 30 hp. It was set loosely in place by the previous owner, nothing connected up and I have no history on it. Was meant to be a running engine before it was installed. The engine was the big gamble buying this boat. I'm going to give it a service and get it running in a stand. Replace all the soft parts, possibly get it load tested somewhere before reinstalling it.
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