Expensive Sun Glasses What Lens?

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Baker did a great job discussing the ins and outs of his glasses experience in a previous topic.* The forum almost has me convinced that expensive sun glasses might be worth a try.* I am a fairly responsible boater although I did lose my last pair of cheep sun glasses.
*I am considering Costa Del Mar brand.* The lenses come in Amber, Gray, Copper, Green Mirror, Silver Mirror, and Blue Mirror.* On the web page with each color there is a description of what each color is most suited for.* I remember way back someone told me that Gray was the most desirable color, but then again it was a long time ago when the only choices were Green or Gray.* I was one of those people that bought Blue Blockers when they first came out in the 80s I remember liking the crisp vision and contrast that I got when I wore them.* *I am leaning toward the Amber color again but wonder if I can really stand amber for a full day of boating with Amber lenses.* I know this is a long shot but wondered if that was anyone out there that had an opinion about lens color and or a comment on Amber lenses.*
I think amber lenses are often used for shooting and driving. I use blue offshore lenses (ocean wave) . If you have had good luck with amber, go for it. I would make sure that they are polarized for and optically correct (whatever that is.. my Dr always tells me to get these!). Personal preference goes a long way here.
I am a great fan of the amber lens (nothing but polarised) , especially good for spotting rock & reef formations when navigating in coral reef areas and also one of the best lenses for fish sighting when wading the flats with fly rod in hand.
Maui Jim - amber.
Costas are excellent Sunglasses. John, I think Academy is a dealer for Costa del Mar. My suggestion would be to go in there and try some on and see what you like. The Serengettis that I LOVED were rose colored....I have had Amber Revos. The Oakleys that I have now are black/grey. I like(d) them all. In the end, whatever gives you that "Ahhhhh" factor. You'll know it when you see it!

Also, to keep from losing your shades I would highly recommend Croakies or something similar....they are those things that fit over the ends of the glasses and go around your neck. That way, your glasses go on in the orning and they never come off until that night. I wear my sunglasses all day every day. And if not wearing them, they are around my neck or somewhere I know. Just use the word "Croakies" and they will know what you are talking about....regardless of whether they carry that brand, they will know what you are talking about....kinda like Crescent wrench or Kleenex...it is a brand but also a general term.

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Interesting... I was about to start a thread asking what tints are best in sunglasses.
I've had black, amber, green and blue. The blue is awesome in clear water, the amber is great for the murky water we have around here in the sound. Not a fan of the green or black. Blue is my favorite because it brightens everything up. Not like shooting glasses but it makes everything crisp.
I prefer polarized grey shaded lenses.* The grey seems to be more color neutral, thus more natural.* I have both prescription and non prescription.* The corrected lenses are for reading marker numbers at a distance.

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