Electric fin stabilizers

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After reading this thread I spent a few minutes in the ER looking over my Wesmar hydraulic setup. I came away from this quick look wondering how an electric setup could be simpler, cheaper or have less space than using the Vickers PTO hydraulic pump, oil cooler and roughly two gallon oil tank.

I was thinking the same thing although I do not have stabilizers.

A hydraulic pump can be fitted to either of my transmissions, or an electric pump can be used that is about the same size as my watermaker HP pump.
A 5 galoon hydraulic resivore is not all that big, and the hoses are small.

There might be come significant size savings in the actuators, but electric ones woulg be deeper, assuming a direct drive motor.

I was quoted $27K in 2012 by Wesmar for proper stabilizers for my boat. Installation was guesstimated to be another $20K with a large part of that being the installation of the fins themselves.

It seems like electric does not have that much to offer, and at a higher price.
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