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I felt it here in northwest Connecticut. I just didn't know what it was at the time. Only a few of us felt it here.
We felt the shaking from the quake here in east Carolina, and the current track of Irene goes right over our heads. I am checking outside for the oncoming plague of locusts....
It wasn't an was the founding fathers turning over in their graves.....
Yeah to bad Obummer was on vacation.

My Mom called me right after it happened and was a little upset. She's in her late 80's and lives in Louisa Va, about 10 miles from Mineral Va. Floor moving and stuff falling off the walls shook her up. I had to tell her to settle down and look around to see if there was any smoke, if not go out side and sit in the lawn funiture and relax. My brother ,who lives with her, and I were on the James river about 4 hrs out of where we keep the boat. Told her we would be there as soon as we could. Yeah scary for the old folks but thankfully just superficial damage and no casualties. Larry
O yeah just a side note. We rounded the turn to pass in front of the ship yards in Newport News and started seeing where it looked like some kind of spill. Not oil but kind of a dark look to the water like you see in the dismal swamp canal only darker. About 30 minutes later 10 or 12 military boats and Marine Resource boat passed us. They were checking the bridges and other structures along the river. They even went up to the ghost fleet and checked all the ships. I wander if there was soon small shocks preceeding the big one in Mineral. Larry
Consider it as practice before visiting CA.*
Did an earthquake, hurricane or whatever just hit this site? It's been diminished in size.
Consider it as practice before visiting CA

Funny. I was in LA week ago for 24 hrs and got out before I got caught in one. Larry
Here in the Balt/Wash corridor, I was heading in to work at 2pm when the earthquake hit. I didn't feel a thing on the roads, but when I got to work, everyone was in the parking lot. I thought it was a fire drill, since it was a beautiful day and it has been a while since we had one, so when someone told me it was an earthquake, I was quite surprised.

They ended up giving us the rest of the day off, but I stuck around for a couple of hours since the roads would be jammed solid.

As I write this, Hurricane Irene is blowing outside and headed our way. I usually comment on how I like Maryland since it is relatively free from natural disasters, but I guess I better shut up now!

- FatPauly
Ellicott City, Maryland
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