Eager Japanese couple!

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Dec 12, 2018
Looking for a sailboat!
* From Panama to anywhere south!

Hello! My name is Satori.
I hitch hiked from Japan to Iran
and bicycled in winter from Iran to Norway
then got a $100 flight ticket to East USA, hitch hiked to west Canada,

bicycled to north Canada, made a raft with gasoline drums and went down the Yukon river to Alaska, Bicycled back to Canadian arctic in winter,

bicycled and hitch hiked to south west Canada, lived with the Namgis First nation people for 5 months learning there tribal cultures and got married to Akina also from Japan in Namgis Territory on a small island of all year population 1. We are traveling down to South America now.

Our goal in life is to make this world a better place, to make as much as friends as possible in the world and spread the word of kindness.

We are eager to learn and hard working yet always smiling. We are passionate and fast learners. Never say negative things!
We love cooking, we know how to clean fish and we enjoy fishing. We can make amazing sushi!!
We like to clean up and keep everything neat. We are very social and love to have nice conversations but we could be very quiet too. We love reading and writing. We are always up to anything.
Our English is almost fluent and we love learningSpanish. Hablamos español también!

Our traveling is made by all the kind people we have met on the road, and we would like to share our stories because it's everyone's story too.
It'll be nice if you could be a part of our journey and we could be yours! Thank you.
Welcome aboard! Your written English is better than “almost fluent”, if you can speak the language just as well, your command is better than many native speakers I’ve known. It sounds like you aren’t afraid of hard work and rough conditions either, in that case you should not have much trouble finding a couple of berths heading south.
Most welcome!! Your eager enthusiasm is sure to find you a passage south. If you haven’t placed a message on Cruiser’s Forum, I encourage you to do so. There could be some sailors heading out of the Pacific Northwest to the Panama Canal needing crew. Good luck and be safe on your continued journey.
Welcome aboard.
You guys sound so very adventurous. I envy you; in spite of my travels, I am not so brave.

While I'm going the wrong way, north and west, eventually across the North Pacific to Japan and Korea, we will be in Southeast Alaska for the next few years.

So, if ever yearning for some cooler weather in a gorgeous area, you are welcome aboard Dauntless anytime. Check out my blog below to get a an idea of my plans or of course, just email me.
Be well.
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