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Oct 5, 2007
Does anyone else have this problem?*The interior of the boat*gets covered with dust. We have to use our swiffter every day or so*to get rid of the dust that covers everything. I switched from Kleenex to Puffs so the tissue doesn't drag out of the box speading dust. Try pulling a Kleenex out of the box with a little sunlight shining on the box...a giant cloud of dust issues forth. You would think that a boat sitting in the water would be the last place where dust would want to be.

Oh BTW...we have 3 A/C Heat units that run most of the time. I clean the filters everycouple of weeks. The filters are the standard metal mesh ones that might stop a chicken from getting into the unit, but not dust.

We are clean people...shower every day...so it's not dead skin flaking off our bodies. What is it with this dust?

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I replaced my metal filters with the 1/4 " foam ones ( you can get at Home Depot) It helped
alot. My problem was not as bad as your"s but for a couple of $s it will help. Glade to here
you shower every day
I have suspected that it comes from the carpet. How many that answer this have carpet and how many don't? Maybe showering once a month would solve the problem too.
I've always been amazed at how much dust accumulates in the (humid) marine environment. I got that thin foam for AC filters at Home Despot, and put it in front of the usual metal filters on the AC's.

One person suggested a source.... dead skin cells. Yuk!
In the PNW we do not have that much dust.* I liquid gold the entire inside of the Eagle twice a year and maybe lightly dust/wipe down in between.* Of course the constant rain cleans the air so there is no dust for 10 months of the year.* Mud and grim, yes, but no dust. *In the summer time we run the AC which do have filters and cleans the air, and in the winter will turn them on fan mode to air out the boat.

Two month and no dust showing even on the black stuff.* Also the Liquid Gold picks up the dust and does not just push it around so I think its in the air/environment, and now is in your boat. **After a long dry spell, 2 or 3 day, a good rain will fresh and clean the air, and prevents the webbing between our toes from cracking.* I love to walk bare foot in the spring summer fall rain, but a big negative is the mascara tends to run which can scare the blood hell out of people.* <^;{

I feeling some people show/bath to often which dries out their skin. Then they have to goop up and moisturize they skin. *I mean the human body was meant to be a little dirty oily.*

**** We also have little dust problem, but there are certainly many items which could add to dust accumulation. If your windows spend much time open, you might get sanding dust, diesel soot, soot from wood stoves (a northwest issue) etc., from your neighbors. The more likely source would be kleenex, paper towels, cotton towels, clothing, etc. Good luck on this one. It's hard to fix when you don't know what's wrong. I would however continue to bathe daily even if it does dry your skin. I would prefer the dust over the odor.
Yep, we have dust in the boat too. The boat's shut up mostly, no carpet, and we are clean people. Someone said that it was our clothes, towels etc slowly wearing out. If thats the case, I would be running around half-naked. Go figure?

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