Dont throw out that "old " LORAN.

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Oct 12, 2007
Seems the Euros (French) keep the Euro Loran system operating and are improving it in accuracy.


Loran C was 300 yards the new eLoran is accurate to 30, and is supposed to be compatable.

In the US a new G4 network is expected to wreck havoc on GPS signals with 4000 towers at 15KW each.

Still in review , but has been fast tracked , and the avation folks are in a panic.

IF the plan goes thru , it might mean tossing ALL existing accurate GPS units for units with better filters.The cheapo GPS will be less affected.


eLoran may be the replacement for GPS , the fight is on!

I gave mine away years ago to a friend who is an electronics nut. I'll bet it is still sitting on a shelf along with other antiques.
It has been shut down. However, I'm not going to touch mine for a few years. You know how governments are... they may decide to reinstate it. Or, if you want a back, you can get the Russian GLONAS (their version of the US GPS).
US Loran IS shut down , but it will take only months to build a couple of towers (if there gone too) .
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