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Gregg Kirby

Mar 24, 2023
I am looking at a Defever 53 POC. Any feedback regarding max cruise speed (sweet spot), build quality, stabilizers, ride etc
Thank you in advance,
You might find some helpful information at The Defever Cruisers group. They have a discussion forum for members that can be fairly active. I don’t know the 53 but my Defever 49 RPH is a solid boat. Defevers were made at a few different shipyards.
I just spent a day looking at a 51POC in Alameda. Nice boat but headroom was an issue for me at 6'2" in a few spots. Engine room is amazing. Loved the walk-around decks and massive flybridge. Water access isn't great but that's what you get with a flush deck. They are cored so check for moisture. Tankage is a bit light at 1000g but that's probably plenty for most.

No first hand experience, but from what I read most people run them a bit below hull speed (8-9kts), or something like 14-15kts if in a hurry and not concerned with fuel consumption. I'd personally prefer the NA engines as I'd never run her that fast; there's one family who re-powered theirs with 500hp modern engines (Cummins?) who report 20kt cruise speed, but it was a huge project. The boat I looked at had Niad stabilizers.
I can't tell you how a 53 will perform, I have a 49' and it is indeed a solid boat, can handle quite a bit of sea. However, at least the 49 likes to rock and roll, so if you can get one with stabilizers that would be absolutely worth the extra money.
Hi Mambo42,
May I ask you what you cruise at?
Top speed?
Thank you for your feedback!!
We only have 2 x FL 120, so at about 7.5 kts we are maxed out, can add more power, may perhaps get 0.3 kts extra, does not make any sense.
Normally we cruise at about 6.5 - 6.8 kts, but if the seas are calm we shut down one engine and cruise around 5.8 - 6.1 kts. at 1800 rpm.
I assume the 53 has a bit more Hp so the rpm settings will not be equal.
As far as I know the POC does not have a deep keel like we do, so I do expect the 53 to roll a bit more. However, there have been times we would have wanted to be able to go faster, especially if you want to outrun the weather or building seas.
The Defever owners group had a lot of information on them last time I looked. I looked at a 53POC about 6 years ago. Very nice boat and would make a great liveaboard.
The 49 has a full displacement hull so you won’t get much over 8 knots. I’ve got 2 Perkins 140 hp engines and cruise at 7.5, top speed a little over 8. I believe the 53 POC has a semi displacement hull so it will have a lot higher top end with enough power.
I am looking at a Defever 53 POC. Any feedback regarding max cruise speed (sweet spot), build quality, stabilizers, ride etc
Thank you in advance,
Also check out the DeFever cruisers FB. Don’t need to be a member there. But suggest joining if looking at DeFever
Very familiar with the boat. I had the model which preceded the 53'. Mine was the 51'. Same layout, they just stretched the aft deck a couple of feet (which was a really nice upgrade on the 53'). Cat 3208 TA's (375 hp) was standard. Gave it a 12 to 14 knot cruise but eats way too much fuel, so I ran mine at 9 kts and it was good. Must have stabilizers in my opinion because the boat is pretty tall. Look closely at the steel fuel tanks as they rust out. Very expensive to replace those. The thing I loved the most about the boat was having 3 full decks. This gives a stand up engine room and just tons of room on the boat. 3 staterooms with 3 heads is really nice too. I believe the hull is solid fiberglass below the water line. I feel DeFever builds a very good boat.
I looked at a few of them several yrs ago before I bot my boat (not a Defever). I found all of the 53s I looked at had fuel tank corrosion issues. The center tank, IIRC,was mounted flat on a surface that tended to allow water to sit in contact with the bottom of the tank. The 1st clue was different 53 POCs claimed different fuel tankage amounts. After a while I finally learned from an owner that it was common for one tank to leak. Since it was impossible to remove and repair or replace due to the tank location, whenever it happened people would simply empty and that tank.

I found 3 that were that way. That said, I really liked them generally. They were one of few vessels that had 1000 gal or more capacity, one of my criteria at the time. In fact, that criteria was what clued me in to the strange variation in tankage on identical boats.

Good luck
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