, anybody use this tool?

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Jun 11, 2018
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I stumbles on this marine route and trip planning tool. Messed with it some looks pretty good.
Anybody have any experience with it?
I have used it for quick checks during planning for trips in the South Sound/Puget Sound/San Jaun Islands areas. The attached screen-shot shows that this morning would be a bad time to leave Port Townsend for the San Juans with the ebb current and Northwest wind. Point Wilson can be a killer...
I get nothing when I search for DeepZoom in the Play store. However, that search brings up lots of other boating, fishing and navigation apps. Where can I find more information on this app?
its a web page, no app that I know of...
Wow. I'm impressed. Going to have to play with this one a lot more. Not sure I like seeing all the Coast Pilot and Wikipedia icons cluttering up the screen, maybe there's a way to turn them off. Next I'll want to play with routes. Anchorages, marinas and reviews would make this a fantastic replacement for ActiveCaptain.
All those items you mentioned can be turned on or off, click the layers button to edit.....
OK, I found all the on/off options for the various displays. Nice!

There are anchor symbols, but they seem to just pull up Coast Pilot entries. When I get time I'll set up an account and see how the reviews work. I'll also be looking for ways a user can add a point of interest.

I'm looking forward to hearing other experiences with this site.
We like it, works in WA, and AK, but not in BC.
when I clicked on an icon that appears to be the location symbol I receive a message that says GPS unavailable. What does that mean? I should note that I am using an iPhone.
we use it almost every trip.
I have been using this for a number of years. For US Salish Sea is it great to check on current direction and speed for various times of day. That information is vital for planning and Deep zoom is easy and convenient.
I have displayed a public route on the screen and now I can't remove it from the screen. Any suggestions about how to remove the on screen display? Thanks
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