Daiko Compass Fluid Replacement

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Dec 16, 2007
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Old School
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38' Trawler custom built by Hike Metal Products
My compass, Daiko, has a good sized air bubble floating around on top. I turn it sideways on the gimbal and there is some kind of threaded hex nut, which I*assume is where one would put in fluid. I found a bottle*that looks like it says "glycerine" on the side; the PO left it on a shelf near the helm. I have searched the internet for info, no luck. I would love to get rid of the air bubble; any ideas?**Thanks.
MV Old School
This is not a plastic compass, brass or bronze I assume. Its flat topped, gimballed, and looks to be pretty stout. Appreciate the reply.
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I have a container of "compass oil" for the topping up. It is a lightweight oil that is colourless. Could be Kerosene, next time I am down to the boat I'll compare. Got it at a marine store years ago.
Captains Nautical Supply in Seattle sells and repairs compasses, and I'm sure if you called them, they would give you all the information you need........................Arctic Traveller

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Muchas gracias for the help.

I believe all sorts of fluids have been used for filling compasses. You will find kerosene, mineral spirits, different alcohols (ethanol, even methanol, glycerol (aka glycerin), oils and who knows.

Best bet would be to sample a few drops out of the fill hole and taste.

One of my compasses is glycerin filled. I had to drag it home as carry-on baggage on a flight. To avoid it being confiscated (air bubble gave it away as being fluid filled), I drained about a gallon of glycerin out of the bowl. Glycerin is quite thick, more like oil compared to ethanol. For us northerners it should be noted that freezing temperature for glycerin is*0 F.
You can buy compass fluid at West Marine and others, or just make up your own by mixing half deordorized kerosene and half mineral oil. That will give you the right viscosity.
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