Continental breakfast anyone?

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Dec 16, 2007
Hotels offering guests free continental breakfasts are being overwhelmed by non-guests invading the dining areas and eating everything in sight. Due to the "sensitive nature" of these "guests" hotels are loathe to do anything about it.
I have business visitors who stay at the local Hampton Inn, open about 2 years. I often have breakfast with them, a free continental is included in their rate, I asked at the desk how I could pay for mine, they said don't bother paying, join them. About 6 months ago they started charging $4.00 for non guests which is fine by me, they have a good selection biscuits, fresh fruit, muffins, cereal, juice, yougurt, etc etc. well worth the $4.00 . I would not be a bit surprised to hear that non guests go in and help themselves and probably bing a to go box with them.
Steve W
I stayed at La Quinta Inn, in Lackland TX last week for four days. Wife and I couldn't have been happier. Wait staff was awesome, continental breakfast was above average and no detail too small for staff to handle. I am sorry but did not notice a "non-guest" in sight. If the subject of this thread is misunderstood by me, so be it. I look at a motel as a place to lay my head, not a destination unto itself.

Please enlighten us how this too can be Obama's fault...
Due to the Obummer Depression, people are snatching meals where ever they can get them. Started out as a "flash mob" activity, now has spread out and intensified. Story ignored by the LSM as it would reflect badly on the Messiah.
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