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For Sale: Comnav 1001

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Mar 21, 2019
United States
Vessel Name
Vessel Make
1970 Willard 36 Trawler
See picture. I have the three main components for comnav 1001 AP.
$400 plus shippingb

IM if interested.

Peter 20220326_133115.jpg
UPDATE - these are my leftovers from end-of-refit. Shipping is from San Diego. For other small stuff, catch me at the Swap Meet at Chula Vista Marina next Saturday, 7AM-12PM
In case it helps someone else with this.

As far as I can glean, this is what is needed.
I scratched up the required part numbers. The quote is from the Comnav rep.

In some of their manuals it implies that a differently branded fluxgate compass may work, but this rep certainly didn’t seem to think so, unfortunately.
I doubt the rudder feedback gear needs to be brand specific.

When all is said and done with exchange and shipping to Canada and the parts-wrangling involved, I think, sadly, it would cost me almost as much as a new one. Unless some unexpected angle presents itself soon. Bummer. But thanks for answering my questions Peter.

“ The 1001 system will interface with any pump ( DC reversing pump either 12 volts or 24volts, using the CT2 drive box)

For the pump, it has to have the right flow and this is determined by knowing the steering cylinder size of your steering system.

As for compass, you need a ComNav fluxgate compass, not any fluxgate compass to work. You can also add a magnetic compass sensor if you have good working steering compass.”

Fluxgate Compass
Part # 20320004

Or- Bottom Mount 12KHZ Magnetic Compass Sensor Part # 30320002

Medium Duty Rudder Follower
Part # 20330008

Rudder Feedback linkage
Part # 20330007
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