Columbia River Bar

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Nov 20, 2020
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Yukon Jack
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30' Tollycraft sedan
I found an interesting 6 min video on U-tube giving suggested instructions for crossing the Columbia River bar. It is fairly technical and was produced as a public service.
Thank you for sharing that. I considered cruising up the river if I make it to the PNW in 2025. However I decided I would rather save the time to enjoy more of the PNW and Inside Package. But still good to have this info on the bar if we need to make a stop there.
We are currently on a bar hold. Looking at a departure on the 15th, to time the the Bar. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent video, thanks for sharing that.

How about this one?
You really need the right boat for this. Even in favorable conditions.
I've boated in Tillamook bay many times and seen boats being salvaged but never crossed the bar. In 2007 a 35' charter boat with 19 souls aboard capsized just outside the bar and only 8 survived. Only 5 were wearing life jackets as they were in the cabin and the jackets spilled out of a cabinet when the boat overturned.
The Coast Guard had posted rough-bar warnings that morning because of 12' to 15' breaking waves. The charter "Taki-Tooo" was waiting with 3 other boats for a break in the waves. The first 2 boats, a 42' and 44', went out and radioed back that it was a rough ride then the 32' Taki-Tooo went next. He turned North after clearing the end of the jetty, they believe, in an attempt to run the trough and a wave caught the boat broadside. The captain of the Taki-Tooo had 17 years of experience on the boat and crossed the bar hundreds of times.
This just goes to show that a single lapse of judgement or over confidence can result in catastrophe.

If your interested in the entire article it's here. Eleven killed when charter boat capsizes on Oregon coast – Professional Mariner
Being in the Coast Guard there at Cape Disappointment, I don't recall seeing it that calm!
We were going downhill past the Columbia. We were about 9NM offshore. We got the snot beat out of us. We went into the CG Station at Tillamook and were talking to them about it. They said they never go in closer than 15NM unless it is an emergency since it can be so rough there. And they were talking about being in a 47 MLB…
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