Clearview windows - pros and cons

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Scraping Paint
Nov 10, 2007
I have a very good offer for some clearview screens and I am considering to use them instead of wipers or maybe just use one or two.

The pros are: less maintenance (change of wipers and rust on the system), better view from inside during adverse weater, instant clear view, heated center screen for defogging /deicing, no need for window wash system (might still be good to have though), more salty look, less complicated.

I find the instant clear view the most important.

The cons are: a tad more expensive, less strong window due to the cut-out, a permanent motor in the middle of the screen might be irritating when not needed.

I find the structural issue the most important of the cons.

Has anyone had experience with them, good or bad?
WE have a similar setup on out 90/90.

It does clear the water instantly , but old salt spray needs a squirt to get the salt loose.

A big advantage is in modest weather (of - on showers) it can be left operating.

Wipers running dry will ruin the window glass , this doesn't care.

Never bothered with the heat feature as our winter sailing is an option so we don't go out when its sleeting.

30K at 20F is fine , we have heat , but sleet makes deck conditions (even with Treadmaster) a pain.
I elected to use nothing.* Just RainX and fresh water spritzers over each window.* Works perfectly, IMHO, after 5 years.*

I hate wipers.* They just seem to make the problem worse.
I thought about that too but was unsure of it. Windhorse doesn't use wipers or clearscreens either as a sidenote.*

I could install the wires for wipers and clearview screen and then decide later on if it is required.*

That would save some money for required equipment...........
If wipers are used , locate the switch very convienant for the helms person for as needed , sometimes a single swipe .
To my uinderstanding, a clearview screen is a motor driven glass disc spinning at high speed in a rubber seal. I'm interested to hear about the long-term viability. Do they tend to leak? What, if anything needs repair or replacement? Are they an irritant when looking through/around when not in use?
Here is a big picture of a clearview screen. To me - it doesnt look too bad


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I rigged my wipers, no Clearscreen, so I can use a Push Button which, with self parking wipers, gives one swipe. I used an off,on,on heater type control toggle from Cole Hersey.
One of the ons sends control to the P.B., the second on gives continuous running.
The P.B. are right in front of me for all three wipers.

Clearscreen would be nice but not practical for our boat.
520 $US + freight.

this price is the base model, no heater, no control panel and also the smallest size.

around 900 $US for heater, control panel and largest size.

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Delfin wrote:
I elected to use nothing.* Just RainX and fresh water spritzers over each window.
*Can you be more specific? Do you mix the two or just use the spritzer to apply?

I'm in the market for a new wiper and I said today that I should just use Rain-X.
Clear views on a small boat (that's all of us) are really just a PITA. They do require maint same as wipers and take up clear window space.
I use rain X which usually by itself is pretty good unless the windows are covered in salt then the use of fresh water and the wipers is required.
I have 2 speed wipers and usually just a quick wipe and park is all that is required.
Usually before each voyage I fresh water clean the windows , apply Rain X and away we go and it lasts for a ages.
Where do you get this RainX Benn? Sounds good. I have a wiper, but no wash system built in, so something like that could come in handy to keep the rest of the windows clearer. My wife seems to quite like washing the windows, and would happily spray something on at the time, I'm sure.
Peter most of the car accessory shops sell it.
Super Cheap etc.
Make sure you buy the original version which is the full strength for applying straight on to window there is another that I think is a watered down version.

Just had an e-mail or 2 from a couple comming into Dampier today , they have just completed the Kimberley part of thei cruise in a Nordy 43. Looks like a nice set up.
Thanks Benn. When are you back at Mooloolaba?

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