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Nov 22, 2011
If anyone on this forum knows how to contact the owner of Carquinez Coot, in Vallejo, CA, please advise him that his vessel is listing badly to starboard.* We don't want it to sink, but he may have done something earlier to cause the list, so this may not be a problem.

We've tried every resource we have to find a phone number, and haven't found it.

Please, Mark, let me know if your boat is OK.

/Samantha Fordyce

Not needed anymore

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Thanks, guys.* Purchased about 140 gallons of fuel*yesterday and loaded it in the starboard tanks.* Haven't gotten around to moving a lot of it to the port tanks which were empty.* Thus the list.

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The marina called me earlier in the day about the list.* Someone (Samantha?) had called the office.* Of course, the marina office isn't open 24/7.
Thats pretty wild.

That someone would try to get a hold of you on this forum. To tell you your boat may have a problem.

Mark, You get around.

Or is this a joke?

Larry M wrote:
Is it wise to put*contact information in a dock side window?
Its SOP in our marina.* I don't think there's a boat over 25 feet that doesn't have a phone number in the window(s).* Not sure why the little ones don't think they need it too but some of them end up on the mud when the tide is out so maybe they don't worry so much.
I have a note on my stbd door window asking anyone who notices any problems to please contact me or the admiral with our cell and home numbers. It has paid off when I left the GPS on and its alarm sounded after we went home.

Glad to hear the Coot is safe.
FlyWright wrote:
I have a note on my stbd door window asking anyone who notices any problems to please contact me
*Good idea.

We have a great bunch of people at "K" dock.


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You know you spend a LOT of time on trawler forum when folks in the real world come here looking for you!!! :)
Below shows the Coot leaning and then more level after transferring fuel.


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