Can we show cunaa123qq to the door

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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Happy Destiny
Vessel Make
Custom Lobster Yacht
Seriously, this guy has got to be removed permanently. Maybe it's time for passwords.
I second the motion.* I have*PM'd the moderators.
Wait! I need a cheap handbag and NHL Jersey! j/k BOOT THEM!
Everyone, please send an email (or PM) to me AND John as soon as you see this stuff.* My email is in my sig at the bottom.* Or, you can click on any topic and you will see the MODERATORS at the bottom left of the page.* You will find SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE on each of our profiles.* We can kill all posts and the users in about 5 seconds.


John and I don't have the time to visit the site as often as we would like.* We do both have smart phones and can receive emails fairly quickly.* One of us should be able to snuff them pretty quick.* Thanks to the help from the users we can keep this site squeaky clean!


Well, maybe except for OTDE!

-- Edited by dougd1 on Saturday 23rd of April 2011 06:10:34 AM
Thanks Doug. Will do.
In celebration of deletions, I'm gonna have*a Spam sandwich for lunch today.* That's no kidding!
Spam is a delicacy in Hawaii!!!
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