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Here she is in her new home;


View from the stern;


Mt. Diablo to the west, the landmark point of reference especially when you can't see over the levees - :) Yeah, that was me! Especially in my little rubber boat.

All is well in her new home, plenty of friendly marina folk and friendly marina dogs. Life is good.
The great risk to California’s water systems is politicians that refuse to construct additional water storage reservoirs. The last reservoir was built when California had a population of 18 million. Today we have close to 40 million people.
Love to discuss that thought with you at some point, but this type of forum isn't suitable. Maybe we can anchor up some weekend in the Delta.
Thanks for the invite. You’re correct. Don’t know what got into me!
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Just a thought about the levees in the Delta. Been here since’58. No levee has ever failed from earthquakes and we have weathered a lot. Once my car was jumping up and down so bad it was going airborne. The soil is very elastic here. The levees failed in the winter with high run off. The pressure on the levees caused all the breaks since the 40s. But once one levee fails and the Island fills with water it relieves the pressure on all the others. A massive levee failure is extremely unlikely. There have even been ideas floated ( no pun intended) to fill some of the islands during winter run off then use them as a reservoir for summer demand. It’s a unique environment just dying to be explored by adventurous boaters.
It's summertime on the Delta again and probably time for some updates on this informative thread. Are any TFers planning to anchor out on the Delta this summer? Got any favorite destinations?

We'll be anchoring out at the Mandeville Fireworks and Patriot Jets Team Air Show again this year! I highly recommend it if you've never tried it.
Heads up that the Mare Island Causeway was not working over the last couple weeks. I’m not sure about the repair schedule (it might already be repaired) but it is probably worth a call before you head up to Napa.
Already started the delta cruising. A new restaurant in Driftwood marina you can boat to, WTF Restaurant. King Island Restaurant is good. Village West has Garlic Bros and Bob's Burgers, both fun destinations. We go out to the 4th July Manderville fireworks too, smaller than in the past but still lots of fun. Need to go up and anchor out in the Meadows with Wimpy's, Al the Wop's and Walnut Grove all within dingy rides for great dinners. We did lose Gusti's restaurant up there but still plenty of good places to eat. You might get the drift that we boat to dinner a lot LOL! Any other great places to visit and boat to B'fast, lunch and dinners.
I'll look for you out there, Jim!! It's been a while since our wakes have crossed.
I'll look for you out there, Jim!! It's been a while since our wakes have crossed.
We'll be there. As you can see, we don't have the Willard anymore, now the MS350. Just another white plastic boat but fits our requirements better now. Looking for a period of 3 days or so over 100 to go up to the Meadows and anchor out. Miss Gustis but Wimpy's and Al the Wop's are still going strong.
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