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Feb 19, 2017
United States
Here's an 8 minute video about Jimmy Buffett planning and building a 42 foot, pilot house, catamaran fishing boat. Interesting video and a beautiful boat!!

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Well then, you Sir are truly an Enigma!
Freemans are designed and built in Charleston and are fabulous offshore fishing boats.
Saw several in skull creek. Looked like the ultimate near shore boat. Would have no issue going to the canyons for giant blue tuna or sailfish with one. His seems a monster with four in the back . Likely 1800 ponies back there.
Million plus. But Buffet just bought the Freeman hull and had the cabin built by Merit. The Last Mango is priceless.
He visited the Chesapeake with "Last Mango". Pics of them off Thomas Pt. Lighthouse. CBM.


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So many boats and now planes have claimed Buffet owned them, it is becoming just like “George Washington slept here.” It maybe just an effort to increase the resale value.
Take it all with a grain of salt unless it is documented.
They might have been leased in his name. Not the same as actual ownership
Photo of boat shown was completed a few years ago at Merritt Boat Works in Pompano Beach, Florida. I believe a new Freeman, about 54', is now being customized by Merritt.
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