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jan n will

Jul 13, 2013
United States
Vessel Name
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1978 Hudson Tri Cabin
Will and I just bought a 1978 Hudson Coaster Tri Cabin. We are in CO right now and the boat is currently docked in Tacoma, WA. Will's cousin is going to take the boat to Sitka next month. We plan on jumping on in Tacoma up to Bellingham, then back to CO and back on the boat in Ketchikan to Sitka where the boat will live until we finish out fire season here. Will was a commercial fisherman for 20 years, but I'm (right now) a landlubber so I'll have A LOT to learn! Any helpful hints that anyone can give us will be very appreciated! We're also very happy to have found this forum :) Any ideas on how to get a manual for the motor? Its a Ford Lehman model 2715-E L6??
Welcome aboard. If there's something you want to know, just ask. The forum is full of good information.
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