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Oct 5, 2007
Since my tug is sold I am starting to look for the next one. I have in mind that I want a downeast type, with or without bridge in the 34-38' range. Bruno Stillman and Jarvis Newman come to mind.*I am not interested in a new build or a late model, just a boat that is in reasonably good condition.

Who are some northeast manufacturers that I can checkout on YW?
Doc wrote:
Sold and closed.

Looking for next boat.

Two conditions:

1. Must be able to paint with a broom and no one will care.

2. Must be able to stick water hose into salon for interior cleaning.
Doc:* Did your evil twin brother write the above post?

Look at Duffy / Atlantic Boat Company

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Doc- sending you a PM about a boat down my way that you may like!
Larry M,

I don't see anything wrong with wanting a quality boat that will still look fairly, sorta good when I do my finish broom work. I looked at all the brands mentioned above on YW and they are on target. This time around, however, I am going for cheap so it may take a while.
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