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Jan 9, 2011
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*No doubt that many ouf you have found dificulty in opening and closing Boat zipers*

*especially those up *on the *fly bridge Green house / Oxygen tent *openings . what ever

you choose call it.

*Some have tried lip balm others have tried vaseline all of which have a short half life.

**My theory is to use an automotive product called Armor All or 303 *the benifits of which are many,offering UV protection to the zip teeth; a water repellant; and lubrication for the zip slider.

**As you know nothing is for ever and *re application is required from time to time because

in time the product will wash off.

*Armor all offers two *Protectants (A) regular and (B) super shinny having a higher viscosity*which i would recomend for ease of application.

*Do not spray the Ziper teath *as you do not want *Armor All on your Strataglass or


*Application: shake *the product well *, *use very sparingly*from a small dish*with a *small brush or sponge .

As the product is a vynal protectant it can be used on Vynal *seat coverings *rub well in but be*mindfull that the seat will be slippery, *to prevent this *we sit on super large bath towels,*naked vinal is hot to*sit on.

*I have no business association with Armor All



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I just had all the zippers replaced on Moonstruck's rear helm deck enclosure.* Not cheap---about $300.00.* They tend to get hard from UV and teeth will break.* To keep them working smoothly, we use common bee's wax.* It is easy to rub on, lasts awhile, and is a natural product that doesn,t seem to degrade anything.* We use 303 Protectant for our dinghy and quite abit of other stuff.* It is great for UV protection.

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*Hi Don.

**Good Morning.

*Did i tell you that we got as far as stuart Fl on our last trip.

**Bee wax is a great idea *and i *also think *that *3 M has a boat polish containinf uv protection *that leaves a white residue so may now be the best solution.

**Don i guess that there are many application that will do the job*

** There is a new product put out by *Turtlewax *called *ICE *it comtains *Polumers and silacones i have not tried that yet .

**Usualy i do try stuff on my boat before *l tell the gentlemen of the Forum .

*Don *.**I see that things are slowing down on th forum so please debate me with your last private**I don't mind a debate so long as no body want to shoot me in the foot.


**Captain * and Mrs Cave have over 100 post now *on the forum.*

*While we are at it *can you tell me wher i can get a jar of LANOLYN *i want to try this on my prop.

*Did Allan Williams join your *Boat *Forum ? Allan kind of keeps to him self i can tell you why in print.

*We can't get 303 here.

*Today is national hero day and they keep nominating the same afro person

*We have Strata glass which has developed some small cracks*

*i may use *super glue but will try that on a sample i have here before i do the boat in .

**We have a new boat in our bay it looks Sabre but will have *to *go on the Sabre web page.

*We have two Hinkley *picnic boats here.

*Go to you internet mail for a picture. of a view that will not wait a minute from our house.

*More news *we are changing out wills *to leave our house to the Bermuda Nationlal Trust *because it falls in their Bermuda Classic Home category .*

*Donald & Mavis



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Donald, I don't recall that Allan Williams joined our Sabre Motor Yacht owners group.* Here is a link that you can give him.* The group is open to all Sabre Yacht owners or wannabe owners..* We would love to have him.
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