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Oct 6, 2007
I've got a link to all of the east coast boat shows on my website on news page.


Boat Shows

-- Edited by marinetrader at 03:43, 2007-10-06
We are attending the Annapolis show on Thurs. due to our sch. Don't need a boat, but haven't finished the electr. package yet!!

-- Edited by Dusty Rhoads at 15:36, 2007-10-09
If you want a quick shot of Annapolis show, this scans the show from outer harbor to back over town. It gives you one sweep, and then disconnects. Takes a few seconds to begin. For anyone that just wants to see what is going on in Ego Alley ( downtown ) log into Annapolis and there is a stationary cam there that refreshes every 10 sec.
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