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Apr 13, 2010
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My boat has a lot of freeboard (about 3 ft above marina pontoon) and as such I need a set of step to get aboard from the marina pontoon

At the moment I have a set of wooden steps that are very heavy with a step at 1 ft and 2 ft

I am looking for something portable that I can take with me and use at other marinas

What do others use inthe way of steps that are light and portable??




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We carry around these really light weight plastic steps....also is available with a decent handrail, but I wouldn't recommend it for persons that are not stable in walking unless you bolt it down. Not sure if something like this is available down under though.

(url)ttp:// 1%7C10391%7C296895%7C299253&id=1256109

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Go ahead and bite the bullet for a Marquipt Tide Rider. It won't hurt but for a few years. :--)
There is a neat little aluminium step ladder with big treads.
I think it is called a gorilla and Bunnings probably stock it.
If I can track it down I will let you know.
Heading back to TCB on Tues. May be with the gardner.
Thanks Benn

I will be down Monday week

I hope the weather is better than it has been.

If you find a suitable ladder in your travels I can go via Hervey Bay and pick one up


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Easiest solution is a little folding stepladder, 3-4 steps. Stable, safe, easy to pack. Inexpensive compared to the marine versions.

Unfortunately a milk crate is a bit small
If you look at the steps in the picture i posted the top step of the boarding steps is 2 ft and there is nearly another foot to the deck
A small step ladder is probably the answer i just need to find one with reasonable size treads

The previous owners had a 2 step plastic unit that works pretty well. I only use it for launch day and haulout day. They formed an eye around one of the supports so there's a permanent 3/8 line and they tied that to one of the rails so they wouldn't lose them. Not too bad for being portable.

At my summer marina I use a home made storage/step unit that is fiberglassed over and painted..too heavy to be portable though.
The Little Jumbo is available at


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When cruising we use the folding Rubbermaid plastic ones referenced by Gonzo, they were on the boat when we bought it. A cord has saved it from the drink a couple of times. Not the sturdiest around but, knock on wood, so far no one has taken a tumble from it.
At home we have a non folding version screwed in to the dock.
Steve W.
like this?
I saw steps like this on a 60' Monk McQueen, and had to have a set. about a day in the woodshop and a little help with making the bronze hangars, and voila!

The hangars slip behind a pair of cleats with the horns removed.* I have a set on each side of the boat, aligned with the openings in the rails.
Thanks Gordon and Benn

I'll check out Blackwoods prices first as they are renound for expensive pricing


I like your solution
Not sure how well it would work for me though

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