BBQ. LPG or Electric ?

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In very cold temps, below zero, LPG stored in a non-heated space may not actually work. I guess you would have to wrap the tank in warm cloths to get the gas to flow.
I remember when I worked in northern Alberta, at the lumber mill, when the temp dropped and remained below zero, they had trouble getting the LPG to vaporize for the lumber dying ovens.

Maybe true, but you sure weren’t using the propane to bbq some steak and shrimp to eat on the poop deck whilst drinking margaritas and watching the sun set. You were thawing steam lines to get the mill going! Been there, done that, and have the parka, and the Stanfield’s to remember it by! [emoji3]
Mystified, so had to search cooking mats. Ah, you mean silicone sheets. No don`t use them,have not felt the need, but have seen them.
. Ok, back to Electric vs Gas vs Charcoal.

I have a rail mounted Weber 1200 with stock griddle 1/2 so I can grill or griddle (is that word as a verb?). I really miss low temp smoking of brisket, pork butt and so on. I have a very small iron skillet that I am going to try as a wood chip pan with my Weber with the meat (after a quick All sided braise) to smoke. Perhaps if I torch the chips, that will work.

Two of my dock mates have Traeger Smokers as in the link. Should my attempt be unsuccessful I may go with one of those. I have heard of an electric smoke generator that with the Weber might work. Really, really hard to find proper Fort Worth Texas BBQ here in FL. Near St Pete in Gulf Port there is a place, but that is all I have discovered.

I’d go with the Green Mountain Grills portable, same system but more stainless parts. I have Traegers at both my houses, plus got my parents one, i love them, but quality has gone to crap, my 2 year old one is rusting badly in the firebox.
I have the GMG on the boat, it’s just slightly noisy but does a great job at smoking and grilling. A bit under a year and no rust yet.

Mystified, so had to search cooking mats. Ah, you mean silicone sheets. No don`t use them,have not felt the need, but have seen them.

Tried the silicone sheets but we agreed the food cooking was more sweating and stewing than BBQing
Made ciabatta today with Canadian flour (no additives, no enrichment. I.E. does not have all the good stuff stripped out then less than half put back in). Absolutely delicious. Tomorrow ... papo seco rolls :)


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This onboard bread making is impressive. I knew people who leased out their restaurant to go cruising,they made bread daily, it was a joy being in the same bay.
Does anyone carry a sourdough starter onboard, instead of using yeast?
This is our effort every few days.
Rectangular one is banana and date using up bananas that get away from us and the round is the ciabatta like bread done in a cast iron dutch oven.


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Wifey B: We don't do bread. :hide: Seldom ever eat bread outside occasionally at a restaurant. In fact, even for hamburgers and hot dogs we generally skip the buns. Even eat sandwiches without the bread. :lol:
Agree with BandB...
Meat > Bread
Are you sure that's right?
The baker says there doesn't seem to be near enough water to wet out flour - she needed twice as much to get it together
Absolutely correct. Here's a pic of a fresh loaf made yesterday using this hydration ratio. I got fthe recipe from the King Arthur website. I took the pic with you in mind to show the coveted baker.20180205_153731.jpg
The Weber 2400 is pretty good

What is a good electric grill? I have gas on the boat but on my condo's lanai I am required to use electric. I have the small Weber Q electric and don't like it.

It gets very hot for a good sear. I have had to replace the burner twice, but it's 5 years old.
15" pizza stone cut down to 13" for my Magma. Make bread, pizza and the only way we now cook meat, no flare ups, no grease drips, keeps all the juices in. Get the stone hot as possible then turn down or sometimes even off and cook away.


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