Battery sources in the Puget Sound area.

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This is really a 2 question post.

I currently*have Trojan AGMs*as<a></a> the start bank and will be replacing them soon.* Does anyone in the PS area have a source for Trojan replacements at reasonable cost?

Does anyone have experience with the Dyno batteries that are made in Seattle?

Thanks for any info.


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I just bought a 4D start battery from Dyno to replace the 2 yo chinese battery that just went TU. I am a great fan of Dyno batteries and have never had a problem. I understand that the fishing fleet is partial to Dyno as well. My current boat has a house bank of 8 Golf Carts and my previous boat had 12 GC's, all from Dyno.

Be prepared to pay big. The 4D cost me $240 including tax and that was the wholesale cost. The guy I dealt with said they are paying something like $1.17 a pound for lead. Teh 4D wieghs in at 100 lbs.

Ed wrote:
Does anyone have experience with the Dyno batteries that are made in Seattle?
Have used Dyno wet-cells*for many years, including 8D, 4D and GC sizes.* I consider them to be a good medium duty battery and an excellent value.

The cost of lead is making any battery very expensive these days.

I just bought two new AGMs from Boat Electric in Seattle. They come highly recommended.
I just purchased a Dyno Gp 24 Deep cycle battery at Fisheries Supply. My price with an account was about $85.00. I decided to go with Dyno and Fisheries as both are local companies with good reputations. I cannot give any recommendation about the life or use of the battery till after summer. The battery will be used to power a prawn puller on my dingy. If you don't have an account with Fisheries, you might want to look into it.

Larry H
My housebank is made up of*6 Dyno CG's and I just bought an 8DC from Fisheries to run my windlass. I like the idea of buying from a family business, besides, Dyno has a good*local reputation and*I always get answers to my questions when*I call. Compared to AGM type, these wet batteries represent good*value for the money. BTW/I let my batteries go dry a couple of times and both times they came back from the dead!!
Usually Sams Club , Sears or one of the big retailers will have Golf Cart 6V batts at a good price.

I prefer Sears for a cruising boat as they are in so many towns .

Before any new house batts are installed its time for a SOC meter first!!!

You may find the existing ones are not shot , just mistreated , and living a month or two with a really weak set and SOC meter will teach you a huge amount of batt and load management , useful knowledge when not dock side.
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