Autohelm 6000 conversion

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Apr 26, 2024
Parma Italy
Hi to everyone I am new to this forum.
I have an Autohelm 6000 on my sail boat (Beneteau First 456 1983). The control head is not working properly and I would like to connect the course computer to my Garmin GPSMAP 3010C any one can tell me if it is possible?.
Thaks in advance
To control the autopilot in place of the st6000 control? No, not possible. The corepack can be interfaced to the 3010 via nmea 0183 to share nmea data but you'll need another 6000, 6001 or 6002 control head to operate the pilot.
Short answer, No, your MFD cannot substitute for the AP's control head, it only can send navigation data to direct the AP to a waypoint in Navigation mode. Newer Ap's with N2K are controllable with compatible MFDs.

However, I believe you can interchange the control head with any of the earlier generation Raymarine SeaTalk components, ST6000, 7000, 8000 and ...01. I believe the all-in-head ST4000, 5000 will also work as control heads. You can find these for sale on ebay, and the older Autohelm heads come up from time to time as well. Changing the control head will not affect the AP setup. (Compass and Rudder sensors are also interchangeable, all the way up to current I believe.)
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