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Jul 30, 2013
I'm a non-sailor and non-boat owner with dreams of a trawler lifestyle in PNW & Alaskan waters.

I once crossed the Atlantic on a passenger liner and have been on a few small craft and naval vessels, but the biggest thing I've captained is a toy boat in my tub. I am a rusty open water diver and enjoy the sea. Once lived vicinity Seattle.

Introduced to trawlers by a friend who trained on helming Nordhavns...and had a plan to buy one. His itch caught, and I enjoy browsing trawler forums, manufacturer web sites, and owner blogs.

In other words, I'm a complete boating virgin. But for some reason, the trawler lifestyle appeals to me. I see myself in my dreams living aboard a 52-60 foot Nordhavn.

Nothing to contribute. I realized that I have occasional questions that mere lurking and search functions don't answer.

It's a nice and informative forum. Glad to be here. :)
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Mr./Ms. Ast. Welcome aboard. "Nothing to contribute." I beg to differ. EVERYBODY has something to contribute!
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Well, you are a person who is interested in trawlers, and see yourself perhaps one day living aboard one. That is quite sufficient to qualify you! :)

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard, it's never too late and always good to hear what people have to say.
Enjoy this site with all its characters.
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You sound like us 17 years ago, and you have quality tastes in trawler, Norhavn. Depending on what your plans and area you probable do not need a blue water Nordhavn. Go the boat/trawler shows, walk the docks and yards and ask/talk to people.
I see myself in my dreams living aboard a 52-60 foot Nordhavn

Yeah, me too! Not sure I'd go that big though. I'd still want something I could single-hand. More room is always good, but once I got to the point where I had two staterooms, two heads, a washer/dryer and a spacious engine room, I think I'd be OK.
Welcome aboard! Watch out for RT Firefly, he's nuts. Smart, but nuts.
Mr. HC. EXCUSE ME!!! I greatly resent your comments. How dare you insinuate that ANYONE who frequents this website, let alone myself, has even a modicum nay, a mere iota, a micro-nano if you will, amount of sanity.
Boating/trawlering is such an affliction of the mind and spirit that an accurate diagnosis of the cause of said illness has eluded the greatest medical/scientific experts for decades. Yay, verily, a goodly number of above mentioned experados, in fact, frequent these pages!
Although the cause is one of life's greatest mysteries, the prognosis, alas, is sadly fatal. Lifetimes will be spent talking and thinking about one's vessels, past present and future. Planning...purchase, repair, alteration, modification, changing...All for what? (He asked with a slight smile easily recognized by all fellow inmates of the assylum...)

And smart?
"the trawler lifestyle appeals to me. I see myself in my dreams living aboard a 52-60 foot Nordhavn."

Disregarding the financial issues, i.e. the price of a 60 foot Nordhavn, there are downsides to each size of boat. A 60 ft. trawler is at the higher end of the bell curve of size and involves additional maintenance, larger slips, larger anchorages etc. You should give thought to the real use to which you are going to put the boat and talk to trawler owners who are doing what you plan on doing. You may find the 60 ft trawler perfect for going to the South Pacific but poor for cruising the east coast and incapable of doing the Great Loop. Generally I hear (as a percentage) more comments form 60 - 70 ft owners about downsizing then I do from 48 ft owners wanting a larger boat. 48-52 feet appears to be a sweet spot east of the Mississippi for those who can afford it.

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