Anyone in greater Boston area? Advice on Marinas, etc.

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Aug 7, 2011
First time posting, brand new here. *Promise to get a pic of the boat up soon. *My profile looks so empty without one. :) *Relatively new to the Boston area. *Have yet to bring the boat up from back home (MD) and, this later in the summer season, I probably will leave it down south this winter. *Wanted to get some advice on boating resources from anyone near this area. *Specifically looking for a marina in this area as I would like to bring it up for next summer. *Been poking around a few but really would like to get some personal opinions (assuming there is availability of course!)

Thanks what a really great forum!
Advice on places to winter would be good. Realzing that I need to really be thinking about that this far north. Any opinions on Boston Boatworks? (for wintering or service)
Some genearal advice I give to potential boat buyers is to visit marinas in their area. Go on a weekend and walk the docks . Say hello to people who have boats there now and ask what they like and dislike about the marina and the service department. Many boaters will be glad to assist another boater with questions like this.
Boston boat works is easier to get work done by "Venders". Being in East Boston, it was a little cheaper than some of the other marinas in town. If you are a liveaboard, it has easier parking.
Boston Waterboat marina is close to everything in the city,but parking is TOUGH.
Shipyard quarters marina (Charlestown) used to be a great place with friendly dockmates and good management but I heard it has gone downhill in recent years. I used to keep boats there and enjoyed it.
Constitution marina is close by and a good choice. Bob Davidoff used to be the owner/operator (Good mangement). I think his son owns it now (a Knucklehead).
I haven't been involved in Boston Boating for several years, so due diligence would be in order!

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